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Three Terminal Chip EMI Filters

Three Terminal Chip Surface Mount Filters

Three terminal chips offer superior ability to withstand transient voltages and surges, and deliver excellent filtering performance in high current applications while providing exceptional solderability and resistance to solder heat.



  • Excellent performance in high current applications
  • Non-polar, surface mountable
  • Superior filtering characteristics
  • Superb ability to withstand transient voltages and surge
  • Offers exceptional solderability and resistance to solder heat
  • Available in 0603, 0805, 1205 and 1806 body size
  • Two amp current rating available
  • Available lead free/RoHS Compliant


  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Industrial electronic interface or programmable controllers
  • Computer and peripheral equipment



Three Terminal Chip EMI Filters

Capacitance Range COG (NPO) 22 pF to 470 pF
X7R 470 pF to 47,000 pF
Y5V 100,000 pF to 220,000 pF
Capacitance Tolerance COG (NPO) +50/-20%
X7R +50/-20%
Y5V +80/-20%
Temperature Coefficient COG (NPO) 0 ±/30 ppm/°C, -55 to +125°C
X7R +/-15%, -55 to +125°C
Y5V -25 to +85°C
Insulation Resistance up to 22,000 pF 10000 Megohms
47,000 pF 5000 Megohms
DC Resistance 0.4 Amp or less 0.3 ohm max.
1 Amp 0.08 ohm max.
2 Amp 0.04 ohm max.
Rated Voltage up to 100 VDC
Rated Current up to 2 Amps

Handling Precautions


Deterioration of solderability can be caused by oxidization/ sulfurization due to the high temperature, high humidity or chlorine/sulfur gas. Parts should be used within 6 months if possible and stored below 40°C and below 70% RH in an atmosphere free of sulfur, chlorine or toxic gasses.

These EMI filters are made of ceramics. Please avoid dropping or other mechanical shock that could damage the parts.

The products kept in your storage for over 6 months should be used only after checking solderability.

Precautions for the safety use

The products are designed and manufactured for the use in ordinary electronic products. There is a possibility to cause performance deterioration or failure depends on the way of using. In case of the product breaking down in short mode, capacitor itself generate heat due to excessive current, and the circuit board may be damaged by a fire. Therefore, please talk to us in the case of these products are used in the applications/products which require high quality and reliability, where product defects or its misconduct might may directly or indirectly threaten human life or hurt human body, may damage properties etc., or may cause a social problem, please consult sales offices well in advance.

  • aerospace equipments
  • submarine equipments (submarine repeater, work equipments which used in the sea etc.)
  • atomic power control system
  • vehicle instrument including its accessories
  • fuel control equipment
  • other transportation equipments (vehicles, airplanes, trains, vessels and traffic rights etc.)
  • safety equipment
  • medical equipment (life-support equipment etc.)
  • power generation control equipment
  • disaster prevention and security equipment
  • for military and the Defense Agency applications
  • information processing equipment(communications infrastructure etc.)
  • other equipments required the same quality and reliability as above equipments

In case of circuit design using these products, the safety for end users should be confirmed if the products have any problem. And safety of products must be kept and the sufficient fail safe design (secure the protection circuit) must be taken consideration very well in order not to be unsafe as a system when the products are in defects by single trouble.