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EMI Filtering Products

API Technologies Welcomes Texas Spectrum Electronics Customers!

API Technologies is a vertically integrated custom solutions manufacturer of EMI filtering products. We have been the world’s leading provider of custom application-specific solutions since 1968 and are pleased to announce that we will now be offering Texas Spectrum Electronics (TSE) products.Texas Spectrum Electronics

The TSE product line includes a wide range of EMI and EMP filtering and surge suppression products. These products have been used by a wide range of defense and commercial customers in a wide range of military programs and high-reliability industrial applications.

Whether you are modifying an existing component or working from a “clean sheet” approach, we will develop a new product or integrated assembly to help you address the mechanical, electrical and/or power requirements for your next design.

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EMI Filtering Products:

CF Converter EMI Filter CF Converter Filter Texas Spectrum Electronics High Voltage Surge Suppressor HV HEMP Filter Texas Spectrum Electronics Custom EMI Filters Custom EMI Filters High Current/High Voltage EMI Filters High Current/High Voltage EMI Filters Miniature Solder-in Filters and L Circuit Filters Miniature Solder-in Filters & L Circuit Filters Spec Mini-Press 9900 Series Spec Mini-Press 9900 Series Filtered Terminal Blocks Terminal Blocks EMI Power Filters EMI Power Filters