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EMI Filtered or Specialty Unfiltered Connectors

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API Technologies' custom filtered & unfiltered EMI connector offerings are fully vertically integrated. Components including capacitors & shells are manufactured by API, providing our customers high quality parts at very competitive prices, with the industry's shortest lead times.

We offer a premium line of custom & specialty filtered connectors, harnessing products, and services. The custom, high reliability circular connectors have a reputation for superior quality & performance. Several types of filtering are available for a wide variety of connector types including MIL-DTL-38999, MIL-DTL-26482 & MIL-DTL-83723. Filtered connectors can also be customized to meet your requirements.

Value-Added EMI
Specialty Connectors


EMI Connectors with
Complex Schematics

EMI Harnessing

Value-Added Specialty Connectors

API Technologies will add wires to the EMI filtered connector to allow the customer to easily install the connector into their system at a lower cost. These value added services include adding wires terminated or unterminated to all lines or only selected lines, twisted pairs & labeling of wires for easy placement in the system. We can also encapsulate the wires inside the connector, providing strength to the total harness assembly. All assemblies are shipped fully tested assuring electrical integrity.

RTCA/DO-160 Compliance

Custom & value added EMI connectors can be designed by API Technologies to meet the requirements of RTCA/DO-160 Section 22 Lightening requirements. This is particularly useful in avionic applications.

Connectors with Complex Schematics

API Technologies has the capability to offer EMI filtered connectors with complex schematics such as double L (CLCL), double Pi (CLCLC), double T (LCLCL) filters, ortransient voltage suppression devices. These products may be required when the system impedances are mismatched or when an extremely fast rise in insertion loss is needed.

Separate custom EMI harnessing products & services are also offered by API Technologies for military, commercial & industrial applications. Our modern, well equipped facilities together with skilled operators & engineers work as a team to provide assemblies made to the highest workmanship standards. All product is built IAW IPC-A-610 & J-Std-001.