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Quietshield™ Gaskets & Shielding

Quietshield™ Gaskets & Shielding

Quietshield Gaskets

Quietshield EMI/RFI Gaskets maintain shielding effectiveness (SE) across a seam or gap in the electronic equipment’s shielding material.



  • Flexible and conformable
  • No creasing or tearing
  • Lightweight material
  • Maintain shielding effectiveness across seams or gaps
  • Shielding Effectiveness (SE) of 70 - 100 dB between 1 MHz to 18 GHz


Fabric-over-Foam Gaskets, unlike elastomer or finger strip gaskets, provide softness for easy application with a variety of materials and designs at low cost. The best quality with high conductivity, low electrical resistance and minimum oxidation can be achieved by using gold gaskets with additional gold plating to provide superior shielding.

The mounting style available for most profile gaskets is pressure sensitive adhesive.These adhesives allow simple place and press mounting on smooth and clean metal surfaces. The adhesive provides high strength with aggressive initial tack, which increases in strength over time or after exposure to elevated temperatures.

  • Soft, resilient polyurethane foam with highly conductive fabrics
  • Made with seven different types of fabric plating
  • Standard or flame retardant thermal adhesive
  • UL94VTM-1 and VTM-0 standard
  • Cu and Ni plating available
  • Specially designed to provide the perfect fit
  • Order to exact length required or cut with scissors

API Technologies offers a complete line of standard and custom I/O connector Electromagnetic Shielding Gaskets. I/O gaskets are flat gaskets used to provide a ground contact between a metal connector and the electronic enclosure or mating connector.

  • Remains continuous from the input/output cable to the electronic enclosure.
  • Available in the same materials as the fabric-over-foam profile gaskets or all-metal waved gaskets
  • Metal waved gaskets ensure the gap length will not exceed the wave pitch 0.200" (5.08 MM)
  • Maximum filter performance to 1GHz and beyond.

Waved Meta I/O
Quietshield™ Gaskets & Shielding Waved Metal I/O
C-Fold Type "C"
Quietshield™ Gaskets & Shielding C-Fold Type C
D-Shape "D"
Quietshield™ Gaskets & Shielding D-Shape D
Knife Edge Type "K"
Quietshield™ Gaskets & Shielding Knife Edge Type K
L-Shaped Type "L"
Quietshield™ Gaskets & Shielding L-Shaped Type L
Round Type "O"
Quietshield™ Gaskets & Shielding Round Type O
P-Shape Type "P"
Quietshield™ Gaskets & Shielding P-Shape Type P
Flat Type "R"
Quietshield™ Gaskets & Shielding Flat Type R
Rectangular Type "R"
Quietshield™ Gaskets & Shielding Rectangular Type R
Folding Leaf Type "U"
Quietshield™ Gaskets & Shielding Folding Leaf Type U
Double D-Shape "V"
Quietshield™ Gaskets & Shielding Double D-Shape V