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Motor Line Feed-Through Filters

Low Pass EMI Filters

Low Pass Motor Line Feed-Through EMI Filters

Motor Line Feed-Through (MLFT) filters are high capacitance filters designed for DC motor applications. The Motor Line Feed-Through EMI filter is a one-component solution that eliminates the need for multiple capacitors, inductive coils, leads and PCB assemblies requiring numerous electrical connections and large amounts of space. MLFT filers are engineered to provide the required EMI filtering and mechanical interface at a reduced cost.



  • Easy installation, provides a connector interface
  • Excellent EMI filtering through GHz range
  • Competitive cost
  • Space saving EMI solution
  • Fewer electrical connections
  • Failsafe DC open circuit for safety concerns
  • Standard and custom filtering and mechanical packages
  • Transient voltage and surge protection available


  • High volume medical, industrial and telecommunications markets
  • For applications to 100 volts (consult factory for higher voltages)


MLFT Specifications

Click on an MLFT filter in the diagram below to view it's drawing

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Dimensions Per Termination

  A B C
.062 Round Lead .765 (19.43) .295 (7.49) .062 (1.57)
.110 Faston .740 (18.79) .320 (8.13) .020 (0.51)

Single Line Stamped Drawing

Single Line Stamped MLFT Filter Drawing

Dual Line Stamped Drawing

Dual Line Stamped MLFT Filter Drawing

Single Line Threaded Drawing

Single Line Threaded MLFT Filter Drawing