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Filtered Audio Connectors

Filtered Audio Connectors

API Technologies has modified the standard MIL-DTL-55116 connectors that are used in 60 volt/0.5 Amp audio frequency circuits to provide effective EMI filtering. API’s filtered audio connectors are waterproof and polarized, five or six pin electrical plugs/receptacles and can be designed for special and selectively loaded EMI filtering. These custom filtered audio connectors meet all the requirements of MIL-STD-810F including sand and dust, salt, fog, high altitude operation, fungus resistance and immersion to 20 meters.

The audio connectors also can include ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection up to 8kV direct discharge and 15kV air discharge. Custom designs addressing other discharge requirements are available.



  • Aviation
  • Communications and Security
  • where an electronic system using the audio connector might be exposed to ESD environments
  • Harsh conditions


Filtered Audio Connectors Specifications

Typical Electrical Characteristics

Filter Circuits Capacitance Dielectric Withstanding Voltage Working Voltage DC 3 dB Cut-Off Frequency Max. (MHz) Minimum Insertion Loss - Decibals (dB)
Value Tol. 5 MHz 10 MHz 20 MHz 50 MHz 100 MHz 200 MHz 500 MHz 1,000 MHz
C 1,000 +100, -0% 300V 100V 3.2 - 5 10 17 23 30 37 43
C 5,000 +100, -0% 300V 100V 0.64 10 16 22 30 35 41 50 52
Pi 1,000 +100, -0% 300V 100V 3.2 - 5 9 19 30 43 62 70
Pi 4,000 +100, -0% 300V 100V 0.8 8 13 20 35 48 61 76 80

Easy Retrofit or Upgrade

Our audio connector is the same size as an unfiltered connector… allowing for easy retrofit or upgrade without concerns for space availability.

Reduced Cost and Lead Times

Standardized design for most contact arrangements minimizes tooling required (often none)… reducing procurement costs and facilitating small order quantities or prototypes.

Design Flexibility and Quality Assurance

We are vertically integrated for ceramic filter capacitors, enabling us to offer a broad selection of this critical component and ensuring design versatility and manufacturing control.

Custom Designs

Optimize your system performance with a custom designed filtered audio connector.


PC tail or solder cup terminations are available.

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