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API Technologies' EMI Power Filters

Browse our line of EMI Power Filters to find the ideal method to filter the AC or DC power entering your system to prevent radiated or conducted EMI with our line of standard power filters and custom power solutions.

Single Line Power Filters

Single Line Power Filters

Single Line EMI Power Filters

Bolt-in style with D-shaped bushing for easy installation.

Pulsed Power Amplifiers

Power Line Filters

EMI Power Line Filters

Compact design with filtering characteristics for both differential and common mode.

DIN Rail Mounted Filters

DIN Rail Mounted Filters

DIN Rail Mounted 250 VAC Filters

Chassis or DIN rail mount for easy connection and installation.

Two Line, Two Stage EMI Power Filters

2 Phase, 2 Line Filters

EMC/EMI 2 Phase, 2 Line Filters

Ideal for equipment requiring high noise attenuation.

Power Amplifier Subsystems

Three-Phase Power Line Filters

Three-Phase EMI Power Filters

Ideal for products that must conform to FCC Part 15 regulations.

Power Entry Modules

Power Entry Modules

Power Entry EMI-Filtering Modules

Meets over-voltage of IEC 664 Category II and complies with IEC 950.

Converter EMI Power Filters

Converter Filters

Converter EMI Power Filters

Generated in systems to help
meet MIL-STD-461.

EMP/HEMP Filters

EMP/HEMP Filters

High-altitude Electromagnetic Pulse Filters

Protect sensitive electronics equipment during hazardous transient conditions

Power Amplifiers, Amplifier Drivers and Amplifier Subsystems

PCB Power Filters

Miniature PCB Power Filters

Wide range of technologies, available standard or customizable designs

Custom Power Filters

Custom Power Filters

Custom Application Specific Designs

Unique mechanical packages addressing specific size and space constraints


Experts in the Design & Manufacture of EMI Power Filters

API Technologies' EMI Power Filters

API Technologies is the leader in designing and manufacturing products to suppress or eliminate EMI. Our products help address the mechanical, electrical and/or power requirements of your design, while still offering our customers the largest and most experienced team of EMI focused engineers in the world.

Full Customization

Whether modifying an existing power filter design, working from a “clean sheet” approach, or integrating various technologies into a subassembly, the resulting custom solution will be tailored to your project’s design, logistic and budgetary requirements.

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Application-Specific Options:
  • EMI filtering
  • Power distribution
  • Transient protection
  • Indicator lights
  • Circuit breaker protection
  • Leads or studs
  • Voltage cut-off
  • Agency approvals
  • Reverse Polarity
Your Vertically Integrated Partner
  • Comprehensive in-house EMC testing
  • EMI filter design and manufacture, including ceramic formulation
  • Complete metal fabrication operation
  • Quick-turn prototypes
  • World class manufacturing in US, Mexico and China
  • Faster time-to-market
  • ISO9001:2000 and TS-16949 certifications

EMI Testing

Integral to finding a solution to an EMC problem is the ability to test for compliance. We conduct a wide range of EMC and environmental tests to help us identify potential problems and recommend design solutions. Our extensive in-house test capabilities allow for a faster turnaround of your complete design solution and lower total cost.

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  • In-house anechoic chamber and shielded room
  • Baseline of device under ambient-free anechoic chamber
  • NARTE certified engineering staff
  • Highly accurate computer controlled instrumentation accumulates and presents data in multiple formats
  • In-house Thin Film Fabrication
  • Testing for MIL standards, European emissions and immunity regulations, and FCC Part 15

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Custom EMI Power Filter Applications Include:

  • Military and Aerospace
    • Military aviation
    • Military communictions shelters
    • Commercial aviation
    • Shipboard systems
    • Hardened computers
    • Missile systems
    • Land based vehicles
  • Communications
    • Cellular base stations
    • Communications racks
    • Telephone switching devices
    • IT hubs
    • Data centers
  • Medical
    • X-ray equipment
    • MRI and CAT scan machines
    • Portable dialysis machines
    • Laboratory equipment
    • Heart defribillators
  • Industrial
    • Process control equipment
    • Welders
    • Ultrasonic cleaners
    • Ruggedized computers
    • Industrial washing machines
    • Vending machines
    • Gaming machines
    • Elevators, escalators, moving sidewalks
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