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Ceramic Capacitors layer Ceramic Capacitors

Fixed Value

Ceramic Capacitors
Offered in performance and cost alternatives to meet varied voltage, capacitance, packaging and budgetary requirements.
High Temperature EMI Filters

High Temperature

EMI Filters
Epoxy sealed, bolt-in
API's High Temperature EMI filters are capable of continuous operation at 175°C.
EMI Two Stage Power Filter Two Stage EMI Power Filter layer

62-MTB Series

EMC/EMI 2 Stage Power Filter
For equipment requiring very high noise attenuation for use in medical, industrial equipment, gaming, other ground-current-sensitive applications.
Standard Industry Products layer layer

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Standard Industrial Products
Power filters and power entry modules, capacitors, and magnetics designed and manufactured with the same quality as our custom products, with quick
turn-around times.
Expanded Cable Offerings layer

Expanded Cable Offerings

Signal & Discrete EMI Cables
API has expanded its cabling capabilities with standard and custom cables ranging from -60°C to 538°C and from 1100MCM to #40 AWG.


Offering a complete line of coaxial EMI components and an expanded offering of advanced ceramics, power filters, film capacitors, filtered and unfiltered interconnects, and magnetics.

Featured Standard, Configurable and Fully Customizable Electromagentic Integrated Solutions:


  • Film Capacitors
  • Coaxial Filters & Interconnects
  • Power Filters
  • Ceramic Capcitors
  • Magnetics
  • Cable and Harnessing
  • Specialty Connectors
  • Stock Check
  • Standard Industrial Products
  • Filtered Connectors
  • Multi-layer Ceramic Connectors