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Current Transformers


  • Measures electrical current by transforming current from high to low measurable values
  • Wide primary current range of 3.5 to 800 amps
  • Applications include advanced fault-tolerant computers and workstations, control panels reading current flowing to transformers, telecom and communications systems
  • 50 Hz to 100 kHz operating frequency
  • Available totally encapsulated, with or without wound primary turns and loading resistor
  • Built to meet UL, MIL, VDE, CE specs. EMRL current transformers meet UL1244
  • Ideal for ampmeters, wattmeters, relays and cross current compensation
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Load Detector/High Sensitivity Current Transformer

  • Innovative Snap-On load detectors mount on pre-wired systems without disrupting existing connections
  • Broad frequency response of 30Hz to 15 kHz
  • Measure currents up to 40 Amps RMS continuous and 120 Amps intermittent
  • Excellent for economical energy management and automation control
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Current Transformers
Magnetic Snap On Load Detectors
LD-50 Magnetic Snap On Load Detectors
Standard Accuracy Miniature
5300-0005 Standard Accuracy Miniature (5AMP)
5300-0010 Standard Accuracy Miniature (10AMP)
5300-0020 Standard Accuracy Miniature (20AMP)
5300-1030 Standard Accuracy Miniature (30AMP)
5300-2050 Standard Accuracy Miniature (50AMP)
5300-3011 Standard Accuracy Miniature (100AMP)
Wide Range Miniature (5-20AMP)
5300-0405 Wide Range Miniature(5-40AMP)
5300-0410 Wide Range Miniature (10-40AMP)
5300-0420 Wide Range Miniature (20-40AMP)
Standard Accuracy Economy (5-200AMP)
5301 Standard Accuracy Economy (5AMP)
5302 Standard Accuracy Economy (10AMP)
5303 Standard Accuracy Economy (15AMP)
5304 Standard Accuracy Economy (20AMP)
5305 Standard Accuracy Economy (25AMP)
5306 Standard Accuracy Economy (30AMP)
5307 Standard Accuracy Economy (40AMP)
5308 Standard Accuracy Economy (50AMP)
5309 Standard Accuracy Economy (60AMP)
5310 Standard Accuracy Economy (75AMP)
5311 Standard Accuracy Economy (100AMP)
5312 Standard Accuracy Economy (150AMP)
5313 Standard Accuracy Economy (200AMP)
High Accuracy Miniature (3.5-10AMP)
5326 High Accuracy Miniature (3.5AMP)
5327 High Accuracy Miniature (5AMP)
5328 High Accuracy Miniature (5AMP)
5329 High Accuracy Miniature (10AMP)
5330 High Accuracy Miniature (10AMP)
High Accuracy Compact (5-50AMP)
5351 High Accuracy Compact (5AMP)
5352 High Accuracy Compact (10AMP)
5353 High Accuracy Compact (15AMP)
5354 High Accuracy Compact (20AMP)
5355 High Accuracy Compact (25AMP)
5356 High Accuracy Compact (30AMP)
5300-4240 High Accuracy Compact (40AMP)
5300-4240 High Accuracy Compact (50AMP)
Magnetic Digital Metering (60AMP-300AMP)
5381 Magnetic Digital Metering (60AMP)
5382 Magnetic Digital Metering (120AMP)
5383 Magnetic Digital Metering (100AMP)
5384 Magnetic Digital Metering (200AMP)
5385 Magnetic Digital Metering (100AMP)
53FT01 Flip-Top (20AMP)
53FT02 Flip-Top (100AMP)
7086-7088 Current Sense Transformer
Current Sensors

*Part numbers within datasheets are available through our licensed distributors, TTI, Inc. and Metuchen Capacitors.

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