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Converter Filter

Converter EMI Power Filter

Converter Filter

The CF Converter EMI Filter family is designed for use with the DC-DC Converters. Even though many DC-DC converters have internal filters, often the internal filter in inadequate to meet the international, FCC and Military requirements. These filters are designed to reduce conducted EMI switching noise generated in systems in order to help meet MIL-STD-461. This product line is manufactured with ruggedized construction and can be hermetically sealed.



  • Use with high frequency DC/DC converters
  • Wide range of current, voltage ratings & options
  • Common mode and differential mode filtering
  • Filter insertion loss per ANSI C63.13



  • Terminal block inputs and/or outputs
  • Metal case (hermetic and shielded)
  • Film capacitors to GND
  • Suppressors


Converter Filters

Current Rating 1, 2, 5, 10 & 20
Voltage Rating Line-to-Line 50 VDC to 100 VDC
Withstanding Voltage Line-to-Ground 1500VDC
DC Resistance Terminal-to-Terminal 0.01 OHMS Max
Operating Temeprature -40°C to +85°C
Case UL94V-0 Material