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Filtered Connector Performance Specifications

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The filtered D-subminiature connectors have been designed and tested to the following test plan.
The information shown can be used as a basis for your filtered connector specifications.
(Contact Spectrum Control for additional details.)

Post Test
I 1 Visual and Mechanical Examination   In accordance with applicable requirements.
2 Materials, Designs, Construction and Workmanship
3 Physical Dimensions and Marking
4 Capacitance MIL-STD-202
Method 305, 1KHz. 1 VRMS Max. 25°C
Within specified tolerance.
5 Dielectric Withstanding Voltage MIL-STD-202
Method 301
No breakdown or damage
6 Insulation Resistance MIL-STD-202
Method 302, test condition at rated voltage
5000 megohm minimum.
7 Insertion Loss MIL-STD-220
No load
In accordance with applicable requirements.
II 1 Contact Engagement and Separation MIL-C-24308, Para. 3.5.10 Maximum engagement force 18.0 oz., minimum separation force 0.7 oz.
2 Mating and Unmating Force MIL-C-24308, Para. 3.5.4 MIL-C-24308, Para. 3.5.4
Table II
Limits: Shell size 1-5, class G only.
3 Durability MIL-C-24308, Para. 3.5.16, 4.7.17, except 100 cycles MIL-C-24308, Para. 3.5.9 Contact resistance at 1 amp. 20 millohms max.
4 Thermal Shock MIL-STD-202
Method 107, Test condition B, -55°C to +125°C
No evidence of damage.
Insulation resistance not less than 2500 megohms.
5 Solderability MIL-STD-202; Method 208, RMA-Flux Terminals shall meet solderability requirements.
6 Moisture Resistance MIL-STD-202
Method 106, less step seven
Insulation resistance not less than 500 megohms. Meet dielectric withstanding voltage requirements.
7 Resistance to Soldering Heat MIL-STD-202
Method 210, Test condition D
Insulation resistance not less than 500 megohms. Meet dielectric withstanding voltage requirements.
III 1 Vibration MIL-STD-202
Method 204, Test condition D, 100 mA, current
No interruption of current flow longer than 1 microsecond. Insulation resistance greater than 5000 megohms.
2 Shock MIL-STD-202
Method 213.
Test Condition G,
100 mA, current
No interruptions of current flow longer than 1 microsecond.
Contact resistance at 1 amp. 15 millohms max.
Capacitance within specified limits.
Insulation resistance greater than 2500 megohms.
3 Mounting Inserts
a. Prevailing torque
b. Installation torque
c. Push-out Force
IFI-100 a. 3 inch-pounds max.
b. 6 inch-pounds without damage
c. 10 pounds axial force without loosening insert
IV 1 Life MIL-STD-202
Method 108, Test condition D, within 125% of rated voltage at the maximum operating temperature.
Filter shall meet all initial requirements except insulation resistance shall not be less than 500 megohms.

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