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Filtered Connector Quality Acceptance Test Specifications

All filtered connectors undergo extensive testing to assure that all product meets our high quality expectations. Many of the tests are performed 100% as routine and others are carried out on a sample basis when this is deemed more meaningful.
The connectors shall be manufactured and processed in a careful and workmanlike manner in accordance with good design and sound practice. All connectors shall be checked 100% to insure dimensions are as shown in this catalog.
Checked on 100% of the contacts per detailed specifications when measured @ 25C, 1 KHz, 0.1 to 1.0VRMS. On insulated feed-thru lines, the maximum capacitance is 25 pF.
Dissipation factor
4% maximum, checked 100% @ 25C, 1KHz, 0.1 to 1.0VRMS
Dielectric withstanding voltage
Performed on 100% of the filtered contacts. The test voltage unless otherwise specified will be 2.5 times the working voltage as specified at 25C. This voltage will be applied for 1 to 5 seconds with the charging current limited to 50 milliamps.
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Insulation resistance
Performed on 100% of the filtered contacts at 25C. The minimum acceptance level will be 1000 megohms at 25C and 100 megohms at 125C if required. This test will be carried out in accordance with MIL-STD-202 Method 302, test voltage of 100VDC or at rated voltage whichever is less.
Insertion loss
Performed on a sample quantity of filtered contacts, minimum acceptance levels as specified by typical insertion loss graphs.
Resistance to ground
The RDC on ground lines is 5 milliohms max.
As a minimum, all connectors shall have the Spectrum part number, date code and logo. Upon request, customer specified marking can be incorporated into the manufacturing cycle.
Special Testing
Spectrum has a fully qualified test laboratory and is willing to provide additional acceptance testing upon customers request, at minimal additional costs.

Minimum Design Specifications

All of the filtered connectors are designed to meet minimum standards shown in table below.

Environmental Performance

Test* MIL-STD-1344 MIL-STD-202 Comments**
Description Method Condition Method Condition
Vibration - - 204 G 30G for 10 to 2000 Cycles
Thermal Shock - - 107 A-1 Except Step 3 is +125° C
Immersion 1016 - 104 A -
Salt Spray 1001 - 101 B -
Moisture Resistance 1002 II 106 - Except Step 7
Shock 2004 - 213 I -
Barometric Pressure 3001 - 105 C 125% rated voltage
Resistance to Solder Heat - - 210 B -
Terminal Strength - - 211 A The applied force shall be 5 lbs.
Contact Resistance - - 307 - .0152 max.
Life - - 108 D 1000 hrs.
Durability - - - - 500 cycles
Solderabilty - - 208 - -

Performance Tests

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