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Class B Reliability Level Testing

Class B is outlined in MIL-F-28861 and is prescribed for most military/aerospace requirements. It is more stringent than MIL-F-15733 requiring 100% screening that includes thermal shock, voltage conditioning and x-ray. Periodic Group B testing is performed on units selected at random from production lots.

Class B testing is performed on every production lot of EMI Filters and Capacitors

Class B Test Sequence Summary

Group II

  • Voltage and temperature limits of capacitance
  • Insertion loss: @ 25°C, +125°C, -55°C
  • AC voltage drop: (AC rated parts only)
  • Temperature rise
  • Barometric pressure
  • Insulation resistance: @ 25°C and 125°C
  • Overload: Apply 140% of rated current for 15 minutes
  • Resistance to solvents

Group III

  • Vibration: 3 planes
  • Vibration: (random) 3 planes
  • Thermal shock: 5 cycles
  • Seal test
  • Resistance to solder heat
  • Salt spray
  • X-ray inspection

Group IV

  • Shock
  • Terminal strength
  • Thermal shock
  • Seal
  • X-ray inspection

Group V

  • Life test: 1000 hrs

Group VI

  • Solderabilty

Performance Tests

Class B Reliability Level Testing

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