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Ceramic Capacitors

Specialty Ceramic Components and Advanced Ceramics

Inside every EMI filter is a ceramic feed-through capacitor. Our line of ceramic capacitors is designed to provide solutions to a wide range of filtering applications. These applications include requirements for high voltage capacitors. Our ceramic capacitors are ideal for EMI/RFI suppression filters, medical implantable devices, commercial and military applications, power supplies and converters. Learn more about our Ceramics Capabilities.

Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Capacitors Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Ceramic Capacitors [ View Product Page ]

  • Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors
  • Ideal for DC-DC power supply applications
  • Capacitor assemblies with low ESR/ESL
  • Leaded parts safeguard against thermal & mechanical stresses
  • Designs available for both military and commercial markets
  • Mil-PRF-49470 Qualified, DSCC 87106 and custom product available
  • Standard Products available

Planar Ceramic Capacitors Planar Ceramic Capacitors [ View Product Page ]

  • Low profile, decreased assembly time over stand-alone elements
  • Designs for Mil-Spec circular and D-sub connectors
  • Capable of meeting various geometric and electrical configurations
  • Complete electrical and mechanical testing

Discoidal Capacitors Discoidal Ceramic Capacitors [ View Product Page ]

  • Low inductance, non-polar
  • Filtering and decoupling of high frequency applications
  • Reliable, low profile, multi-layered designs
  • Full range of temperature compensating bodies

Tubular Capacitors Tubular Ceramic Capacitors [ View Product Page ]

  • Used in EMI filtering and multi-pin connectors
  • Small, lightweight, reliable, high dielectric strength
  • Uniform insertion loss over a broad frequency range
  • Feed-through and PI type configurations available
  • Multiple manufacturing methods
Advanced Ceramic Components